Friday, December 30, 2011

(Almost) New Year

Wow, in less than 2x24 hour again we're all gonna end up in 2011. What a year. That's what all i can say about this year. So many things happened. Brother's wedd, Cousin's wedd, bestfriend weddings, friend's baby born oh wow!
Actually i don't have enough words to describe what my 2011 looks like. I just not in the mood for 'kaleidoscope'-ing my entire 2011. Or maybe i don't want to write any things that just happened. Many good and bad things, and both were maybe in the same position, balance, family, friends and the special one. I have nothing special wishes for 2012, i just want to get better in any way. My works-my career, also got many new friends, getting closer with my best friends-have a LOTTT more time for hanging out with 'em, and found someone that fit in perfectly in my heart. Ouch for the last. Well, males sih sebenernya punya suasana hati galau macem gini, bukannya mau ngikutin trend galau yg lagi hits, but i couldn't lie with my own heart.
But super THANKS God, i have super lovely friends who always there for me, like, EVRY-SINGLE-TIME. Even my sweet office mates. Wow! Haha hell yeah, time heals. But human would never know what God's next plan. Just remember, God will always give the best for us, yet it's not coming right after you got dumped and down. Sometimes, there will be the time when you feel the life that your livin for is not fair. And i feel it right now. Well, life would never be fair enough when you keep asking more and more right?