Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Brother's Wedding #3 - Akad

Actually been 2 months since my Brother's marriage and i still want to show you some of my Brother's wedding photos. Hehe fotonya soalnya buanyak buanget! Jadi mesti milihin dari beberapa foto itu kayanya pe-er. Well, this pictures was taken at Akad in the morning. Before the reception at night. This is the crucial moment for every girl's wedding-if not for everyone then it just for me. When the 'soon-to-be' Husband will say the Ijab Kabul. Emotionally made me and my little sister sad and of course, am crying, but not so loud. But i'm happy. Because i have a new family member since that day. Really happy!

My Sister | Me

Haha look at the picture of me and my sister! :') Antara sedih mau ditinggal Abang or keberatan konde. Haha! Karena nikahnya adat jawa banget ya jadinya gue dipakein konde deh. It's okay, i mean this is once in a lifetime to see yor Brother's wedding and i will do what they want to make them happy, right! :)

*all photos from Pasopati, edited by me and of course belongs to my personal doc

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