Friday, June 10, 2011


This cuteness indie duo from France, The Dø (pronounced 'dough') by Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy, just really made my work days at the office so peaceful with their songs. For me it sounds so familiar, reminds me of Soko plus The Cardigans. And as you can see above, i really like 'At Last', 'Stay', 'The Bridge is Broken' and 'Playground Hustle' so much! And it all taken from their debut album A Mouthful (2008). And also the first single 'Slippery Slope' from their 2nd album. One more thing that i like about this duo is, i like how the vocalist arranged her own style, lucuk! Jadi tambah seger deh denger lagunya.

And seriously, i guarantee you a hundred percent, you will never be bored if you listen to their songs! Because it's cute, fun, fresh and you always want to repeat 'em again aaaand again alias nagih!
The girl is just lovely and the boy umm sekilas looks like Johnny Depp's little brother or something kalo dari jauh haha Well, if you curious about them, go check them out on The Dø's Last fm or check their official site. Enjoy!

*all images + videos taken from Google, Last Fm, Youtube and Vimeo

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