Saturday, May 14, 2011

a Reunion + a Wedding

This is us when one of my friend, Aldi Pradikta just held his wedding in Bandung, 30th April 2011. We're so happy to see our friends since we are very little, said the Ijab Kabul live infront of us! Even though he said it twice, grogi kali yah jadinya mesti diulang. But its okay, kita semua seneng di ngeliat pernikahan lo, meski pas Ijab cuma Ane & Puput yang masuk plus berdiri didepan lo. Tapi kita semua ngedengerin dengan seksama and we said a prayer for you and your wife, Bareta. Its just lovely to hear that! Semoga pernikahan ini bertahan sampai umur yang memisahkan ya di. We're so happy! We love you, friend!

*all photos were taken at Jonas Photo Studio - Bandung

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Brother's Wedding #1 - Seserahan

Finally, they're married. I'm so happy for my the only one and only Brother and his wife, which is she's also my sister now! It feels so WOW gue punya kakak ipar! But i'm HAPPY! Happy for him and his new family too! Congrats Brader Sister!
And now, i want to share with all of you guys the 'seserahan' that i made for my new sissy. And yesssssss she liked it! SO MUCH! Yipie! And she said banyak yang ngira kalo seserahannya ini mesen atau ngga bikin di Mall, padahal gue yang bikin! hehe #narsis

For the complete version of my Brother's wedding photos, i will post it later. Cheers!
*all images taken by me and belongs to my personal doc