Monday, April 25, 2011

My Playlist (Part I)

I'll tell you whats hot in my playlist lately. I listen to these songs everywhere and anytime, well for the past 1 month to be exact, when my mind going nuts thingking about how my brother's wedding will works at the hari H. Seriously, i give the Wedding Organizer 4 thumbs deh! GGGilllaaaaakkkk urusin orang nikah emang super ya. Super segalagalanya. Kalo gue sih mungkin ngerasa gilanya tuh bukan gila capek atau tenaga atau apa, eh apa belum kali ya, tapi yang jelas sih pikiran nih sama perasaan yang menggila. OMG, i will no longer live together with my Brother! :( It's sad you know. HOPHOPHOP But its okaylah ya, as long as he's happy with his future wife! Calon istrinya jago masaaaakkk, pasti enaaak, pasti dia tambah buncit! Hahaha *nangis


The Kills - Cheap And Cheerful | Penny & The Quarters - You And Me | She And Him - Don't Look Back
Ra Ra Riot - Can You Tell | The Drums - Bestfriend | Matt And Kim - Daylight / She & Him - In The Sun

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