Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Young and Restless by Nikicio

Here i show you one of Indonesian local brand that will brings you to the comfortable feelings, long last trend yet so wearable, Nikicio. The first time im falling in love with the brand is when i saw one piece of their collection in a magazine a years ago. Then i started to googled it and i found the web also their webstore at and started to followed them on every single their collection.
The Designer, Nina Nikicio, divided each of her collection into several types such as Mixte, Femme, NN:02 and some of the unique projects as you can see on the webstore. And for me, choosing the NN:02 type for a simple fashionable clothes to worn is the best choices for my daily routine and also for working. Beside, it has a 'friendly' prices, comparing with the other type.
And for the second time, Nikicio collaborating with Centro, one of the Department Store in Jakarta, launching their collection "The Young & Restless". Relax, they're also coming with lovable prices. And here are my top four favorites from the whole collection.

I really love the dress at the top, i mean, if i buy that dress it probably will be my favorite dress on the weekend! Like i did with my long black maxi dress from NN:02 first collection. Feels so comfy wearing that dress, with only add an outterwear and you are so ready to go. Wow I can't wait to pick one of them or maybe some of them and bring it home like soon. Oh yes i'll do that! What about you?

You can see the whole colection here Available on Centro Department Store Plaza Semanggi on February 11th and for all Centro outlets on February 14th.

*all images belongs to Nikicio's

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