Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year = New Hope = New Spirit = New Shoes

Ha! This is my 1st shoes at the very first month of 2011. I bought it on facebook. First time i saw this actually from Indonesian blogger, Heidy Kalalo (FashionMaverick) then it says if she wearing Strappy Clogs from Inventory Store. Then i found out and finally i bought one. It feels so comfy wearing this clogs, it feels like you dont wear any shoes on your feet. Lebay. hehe tapi bener ringan dan nyaman. So, if you want to have one, you can go to www.inventorystore.blogspot.com and you can choose one of your favourite. But sorry if you choose Strappy clogs like mine, because already sold out :)

I believe if here it goes the 2011 after i saw these magazines. It has already 12 pieces, which means this is it the 2011. Happy New Year anyway, Happy 11.1.11!

*all images belongs to my personal doc


  1. mau dong mau donggg!unyuu amattt! enak ga ta di pakenyaa??berapa ini ta?

  2. enaaak enteng banget! kamu liat di www.inventorystore.blogspot.com putt.. ada juga di facebook : inventory store, ini 425 put.. buru nanti kburu abiss.. yang ini sih kmaren dia bilang tinggal satu-satunya hehe