Sunday, August 15, 2010


okay THIS IS THE DAY! the day that i will present a few handmade-bracelets and hairclips made by myself. All the photos that marked 'sits!' on the bottom-left side are belongs to my collection. I sew it ALL by my self, and yes, one by one, bead by bead. The materials are really easy to get. It can be in your nearest traditional market or even in the bookstore. Can wait to see 'em? Here they are..

Actually i do have more from my collection. But still in progress to capture them all. Too busy or am i too lazy, i don't know. ehe You know, a LOT of things are waiting to be done, but we only have JUST 24 hours a day? Crazy. But i'll try, maybe on this weekend, to take them all into my blog. i just said the other promise?

*all images from my personal document

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