Friday, August 13, 2010

This is the 3rd day of Ramadhan and im (alhamdulillah) fasting and im working and i post this in my desk while 5 others doing solatjumat, 4 others doing lunch and 2 others sleeping in an emergencyroom! haha..and i am the only one who's still sitting infront of this monitor doing nothing just blogging and browsing. Since the 1st day of Ramadhan, i didn't had a lot of W.O(workorder) to do. So i can just sit and doing evrything with this internet connection and (occasionally) working-hehee.. And when im busy with my browsing thingy yesterday, im amazed by 1 site that inspired me a lot, look at this site i just LOOOVE everything posted on that site! EVERYTHING! I found it yesterday and bythetime i went home, i did my everyday-routine so quickly so i can directly go to my bedroom and open my treasure box!
Anyway, on my last post, i said a 'COMINGSOON' in the end, right? Actually im already got the stuff that i want to introduce to you guys, but still-i have no time to capture all of those. But PROMISE, on Monday, you can see some of 'em hanging on my post here.

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