Sunday, August 15, 2010


okay THIS IS THE DAY! the day that i will present a few handmade-bracelets and hairclips made by myself. All the photos that marked 'sits!' on the bottom-left side are belongs to my collection. I sew it ALL by my self, and yes, one by one, bead by bead. The materials are really easy to get. It can be in your nearest traditional market or even in the bookstore. Can wait to see 'em? Here they are..

Actually i do have more from my collection. But still in progress to capture them all. Too busy or am i too lazy, i don't know. ehe You know, a LOT of things are waiting to be done, but we only have JUST 24 hours a day? Crazy. But i'll try, maybe on this weekend, to take them all into my blog. i just said the other promise?

*all images from my personal document

Friday, August 13, 2010

This is the 3rd day of Ramadhan and im (alhamdulillah) fasting and im working and i post this in my desk while 5 others doing solatjumat, 4 others doing lunch and 2 others sleeping in an emergencyroom! haha..and i am the only one who's still sitting infront of this monitor doing nothing just blogging and browsing. Since the 1st day of Ramadhan, i didn't had a lot of W.O(workorder) to do. So i can just sit and doing evrything with this internet connection and (occasionally) working-hehee.. And when im busy with my browsing thingy yesterday, im amazed by 1 site that inspired me a lot, look at this site i just LOOOVE everything posted on that site! EVERYTHING! I found it yesterday and bythetime i went home, i did my everyday-routine so quickly so i can directly go to my bedroom and open my treasure box!
Anyway, on my last post, i said a 'COMINGSOON' in the end, right? Actually im already got the stuff that i want to introduce to you guys, but still-i have no time to capture all of those. But PROMISE, on Monday, you can see some of 'em hanging on my post here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Okay here's a little thing i want to share. Last Saturday i went to the place that i-LOVE-the-MOST, and that place is Majestik. Bagi gue itu ga laen-ga bukan adalah salahsatu SURGA dunia! haha lebay! eh ngga deng emang bener. Kanapa gue suka sama tempat itu?
Pertama : banyak toko-toko akesesoris mentah
Kedua : murah
Ketiga : banyak toko kain
Keempat : murah
DUH apa sih. Ya pokoknya gue suka sama Majestik karna disitulah gue bisa berburu perintilan-perintilan buat all crafty projects. Dimulai dari lo mau buat aksesoris, beli kain buat bikin baju, apaaa aja yang berbau DIY, itu bisa lo temuin drentetan tokotoko yang ada dMajestik. Actually its called Majestik with a 'Y' or with a 'J' ya i dont know lah ya. Yang penting gue bahagia karena di Jakarta ada tempat yang namanya Majestik! NAH karena kmaren pas banget timingnya Nyokap dan calon kakak ipar pgn nyari sesuatu buat 'ehem' udah pasti gue ikut doooong! ehe Sebenernya blm begitu puas karena emang belom benerbener menjelajah toko satusatu, tapi yaa next time lah. Lagi dburu waktu juga. Oleholeh yang gue dapet sepulang dari Majestik udah ada nih 'hasil'nya..

masih COMING SOON aahhh..

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hello blogspot.. sebenernya udah familiar sama blogspot, since i was in highschool, tapi waktu itu taunya kalo ddunia maya cuma ada friendster+MIRC ajah (haha kasian yah?). On my new lovely blog here, i'll try to tell you a story about my hobby, crafty projects and maybe my daily activities-Not personal life, yaa bolehlah colongan dikit ato kalo lagi kelepasan. hehe.. Actually i am already hav my 1st lil blog called i am telling you a story powered by tumblr. Its supposed to be my 1st blog, but its not about my daily malah kebanyakan reblog post from someonelse. hehe.. But for now, i have my other "poison' in MAYA world!!

Eh belom ada 'my things' yang mau diupload sih, karena masih tahap pengeditan. Tapi kok ya sepi banget nih blog blm ada post satupun. Maklum pekerjaan menyita WAKTU yang sangat banyak. Banyakan dijalan sih. Yahh..tau sendiri, jahanamnya jalanan Jakartakan zetzetzetzzzzzz^&(^$!(#@^()%*#&^%$(&^%! Yah mudahmudahan blog ini berguna bagi yang membaca/ melihat/ menengok ataupun cuman ngasi makan ikanikan item gue tuh. ENJOY IT!